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Four reasons why PakarRobot Forex AWESOME!

100% Automatic

  • NO experience needed
  • Human error could be avoided
  • Following orders

24 Hours Support

  • Complete instruction provided
  • Problem solver
  • Online helping methods

Get profit early

  • Complete your informations
  • Download and installed EA
  • Get your automatic profits

100% your profits

  • NO irrelevent charge
  • NO hidden charge
  • 100% made by traders

Results Matter!

What do an expert advisor bring unless it makes profit and turn it into the real money? The real benchmark for an expert advisor is not only to do well in back tests, but there is more than it. All we know that it is difficult to turn good strategy which works well in the tests as well in brings profits in real life.

  • Pakarobot 2
  • Pakarobot 1

Inital Capital:
200 USD

3 days ROI :
25.38 USD (12.5%)

PakarRobot Forex are suitable for those who:

No Experience

You don’t need experience when using PakarRobot Forex because it  was developed by team of professional traders and software developers more than 5 years of experience.

No Time to trade

When you are busy with other works, PakarRobot Forex will do the trade 24 hours per day 5 days a week. Just pick up your phone and monitor the trades.

No trading discipline

100% efficiency can be achieve by PakaRobot Forex. Asking a robot with no emotions and immune to sickness is the best way to trade effectively.

Lack of risk management

PakaRobot Forex are using martingale systems approach to trade which is real based trading method. Low risk is the key to make sure consistent profits were made.

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PakaRobot Forex Advance Package EA

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1 month

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Advance Package $20

PakaRobot Forex Advance Package EA

Support 24/5

1 License

3 month

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Ultimate Package $150

PakaRobot Forex Ultimate Package EA

Support 24/5

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